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Excel to Tally Data Import Software

EazyAUTO4 helps user to import data from Excel to Tally from various format. You can say it is Excel to Tally converter tool / utility. No need of XML or TDL files. EazyAUTO4 eliminates your repetitive work and posts financial data to Tally more effectively and easily. Book your financial voucher entries, master accounts, price lists etc. in minimal efforts. We have provided standard Excel Templates to import data from Excel to Tally. You only have to copy and paste or MAP your Excel data to our standard templates. Post entries in Daybook format or in Register format there are no limitations. There is also an option to Export data from Tally to Excel. This is the reason why EazyAUTO4 is Useful Excel to Tally Tool for Chartered Accountant, Tax Practitioner, Accountant, Companies, Traders. almost Everyone who use Tally Accounting Software.

7 Reasons : Why Excel to Tally Data Migration via EazyAUTO4?



  • Blazing Fast Posting Speed, post 1000 vouchers in 20 seconds.
  • No need to import XML files.
  • Don't waste time for finding errors / mistakes.


  • No XML generation and import.
  • No port settings.
  • No TDL installation


  • No data uploading to web servers.
  • No Internet Required.
  • No Need to Share your data


  • Strong data validation to prevent duplication / errors.
  • Automatic Ledgers / Items / Groups creation.
  • GST validation like GSTIN, States and Registration Type etc.


  • No need to alter your existing Excel sheets.
  • Multiple Templates like Columnar Register, DayBook, Multi Dr/Cr etc.
  • MAP sheets using Excel formulas


  • Data preview before actual posting.
  • Data posting progress bar.
  • Undo Posted Entries.

What can be imported from Excel to Tally?

Accounting Vouchers
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Receipt/Collections Entries
  • Payment
  • Contra
  • Journal
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
Inventory Vouchers
  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Delivery Note
  • Receipt Note
  • Stock Transfer
  • Manufacturing Journal
  • Ledgers Creation
  • Sub-Group Creation
  • Stock Creation
  • Multi-Level Price list
  • Cost Centres
Bank Statements
  • Any Bank Statement
  • Any format XLS, XLSX, CSV, HTML, TXT
  • Create Multiple Banks
  • Auto Mode Detection
  • Auto Replace Ledgers

Complete Freedom

Simple to use

Columnar Voucher Register

This template is very Useful when data available in register format like Sales, Purchase or payment register etc. Using mapping option user may map his existing sheet to this template. Mapping is one time process. User can save multiple copies of this template for each mode.

Learn more about versatile templates

Daybook Voucher Register

Very useful when data available in unified format. like exported from a software, database or downloaded from a website etc. Using this template user may import multiple voucher modes at a time. Using this template available voucher modes are: Sales, Purchase, Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal and Memo.

Learn more about versatile templates
At a Time

Multi-Modes Voucher Register

Very useful when data available in multiple ledgers in single row for a voucher. Using this template user may import multiple voucher modes at a time. Using this template available voucher modes are: Sales, Purchase, Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal and Memo.

Learn more about versatile templates

Awesome Features

Excel to Tally

Sheet Mapping

Don't worry if you don't have excel data in specific format. Using mapping option user may map existing excel sheet to templates.

  • No need to alter existing excel sheet.
  • One time mapping process.
  • Avoid mistakes and save time.
  • Save multiple templates for later use.
  • You can import your excel data using Excel Formulas like a magic.
Excel to Tally Import

Auto Creation

Automatic Ledgers / Items detection and creation while posting entries that makes posting even easier. You can use aliases also.

  • Automatic Ledger creation.
  • Automatic Items creation.
  • Automatic Units creation.
  • Get GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B ready after posting of Sales, Purchase, Debit & Credit Notes.
Excel to Tally Import

Simple but powerful

NO Programming / XML / TDL knowledge required. Multiple Tally version can be detected at same time. Just plug and play!

  • No port settings.
  • No need to generate XML files.
  • No need to upload or import.
  • Strict data / GST details validation to avoid errors & mistakes.
  • Complete offline and secure.

Features to invest!

Excel to Tally Import

Extremely Fast

Book 1000 entries in 20 seconds. Save time and increase your productivity.

Excel to Tally Import

Excellent Service

Instant support thru our expert team. 5 star rated service recognized by our clients.

Excel to Tally Import

Transparent Pricing

No tricky pricing options. No hidden charges.

Excel to Tally : Frequently asked questions...

  • Excel to Tally.ERP 9 is data migration process :
    • Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft.
    • Tally.ERP 9 is a leading business management & business accounting software in the world developed by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru, India.
    • EazyAUTO4 Excel to Tally Data Converter is an utility software which help users to integrate excel data with Tally accounting software.
  • Open Tally and Select desire company in Tally.
  • Open EazyAUTO4
    • Select Tally Company in EazyAUTO4
    • Excel to Tally
    • Select appropriate Option from Vouchers Or Masters
    • Click on use template and Enter/Put data in required fields
    • Click on Generate button on Excel Template
    • Switch to EazyAUTO4, Click on Refresh and Click on Book
    • After Booking process switch to Tally & Its Done....

For finalization of Accounting they have to post all transactions in Tally Accounting Software, for submitting vat returns and making financial statement (balance sheet), chartered accountant (c.a.) / tax professionals /accountant required all financial transaction in tally accounting software.

To avoid this repetitive work, save time & labour work, this exported data from other software can be posted from Excel to Tally.

May be some business requirement are not getting fit in Tally, because of special business requirement , ( that can be done thru TDL also) but people want ready software that's why people are using other business software(s)

People who don't have knowledge of Tally accounting software & don't want to use any software, but they need to keep record of their business transactions, that's why they maintain data in excel.

Almost all companies, traders, e- shopping malls -mega stores, schools/colleges, hospitals, hotels, finance companies and many more business verticals using their own customized Billing/ERP systems for their daily business. They can export their financial transactions for further reporting into Microsoft Excel. As all we know no one can play role like Tally in Financial Accounting, for purpose of finalization of Accounting they have to post all these transactions again in Tally. To avoid this repetitive work and reposting mistakes it possible to post these vouchers using EazyAUTO4 via Excel to Tally.

Almost all Tally versions are supported :

  1. Tally 6.3
  2. Tally 7.2
  3. Tally 8.0
  4. Tally 9.0
  5. Tally.ERP 9 [32BIT / 64BIT]
  6. TallyPrime

  1. Download of Demo / Trial Version is FREE
  2. For complete use without restrictions/ limitations you will have to buy the licensed version of EazyAUTO4
  3. for pricing details please see the table provided below :

EazyAUTO4 Pricing (without add-ons)

Pricing w.e.f. 1-9-2022 Silver-Specific Silver-Standard Gold-Standard Siver-Professional
Price (ex. 18% GST) 4,949/- 17,000/- 31,250/- 36,178/-
License Type Single User Single User Multi User Single User
One Year Free Online Support ₹ FREE FREE ₹ FREE ₹ FREE
One Year Free Email Support ₹ FREE FREE ₹ FREE ₹ FREE
One Year Free Telephonic Support ₹ FREE FREE ₹ FREE ₹ FREE
One Year Free Update ₹ FREE FREE ₹ FREE ₹ FREE
Templates Mapping Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Companies in Tally Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Entries Unlimited OR ↓ Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Ledgers Creation Unlimited OR ↓ Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Items Creation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Only for India
Out of India -
AMC / Support Charges from next year
Regular ₹ 1,740/- ₹ 4,100/- ₹ 6,600/- ₹ 9,640/-
Optional ₹ 2,600/- ₹ 6,300/- ₹ 8,250/- ₹ 12,070/-
Excel to Tally Vouchers Posting
Columnar Voucher Register : Sales, Purchase, Receipt, Payment, Contra, Dr Note, Cr Note, Journal One mode from CVR
OR ↓
Multi Mode Voucher Register: Sales, Purchase, Receipt, Payment, Contra, Dr Note, Cr Note, Journal One mode from MMV
OR ↓
DayBook (Verticle Format): Sales, Purchase, Receipt, Payment, Contra, Dr Note, Cr Note, Journal One mode from DBK
OR ↓
Import Bank Statements BankStatement Import
OR ↓
Excel to Tally Masters Creation
Ledger Creations from Templates Ledgers Creation
OR ↓
Sub group Creations from Templates Sub Groups Creation
OR ↓
Items Creations from Templates Items Import
OR ↓
Cost Centers Creations from Templates CostCenters Import
OR ↓
Advanced Functions & Features
Run Tally 4.5 in XP / Windows 7 Select This
Tools & Reports
Global Ledger List to use in Excel
Add-ons: Delivery & Receipt Notes, Sales & Purchase Orders, Stock Journals, Multiple Cost Centers, BRS etc. Can be purchased separately Can be purchased separately Can be purchased separately
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Amit Dhavale & Associates LLP

This is a best in class software for Excel to Tally Entries as well as for auto generation of entries for Random amounts on Rendom days. This save a lot of time for accounting of standardized data into tally. The support time is prompt and intelligent to trace the pronblem and resolve it immediately.

penchal reddy

i felt this is one of the best software to do entries in tally in fast and simple way. one more thing is its customer service , its very quick and fast issue solving . Thanking you and all the best.

VRS Nilakandan

Great and Good Performance. Thanks a ton for your online support. Especially for Ms.Asmita.

Vinod Reddy

First i would like to say thanks to Megha, you have explained me very well Actually we searching utility software since 3 months finally i took license from Impression System its very user friendly and working fine. Special thanks to Megha

Sunil Khurana

I am thankful to Megha she is very polite she used to listen our query very carefully , very helpful in nature supportive result oriented. she really takes the pain and give the best solution in time. Thanks Megha.

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