Excel to Tally - Online Esupport Demo

Eazy Online Demo/Support

Step 1

Download Client panel.



Step 2

Just run downloaded "EsupportX.exe". It will show screen like this:

Excel to Tally - Online Esupport Demo

Step 3

Select an Agent Name from List & Click on Connect. And your PC will be connected to Impression Systems Server. Then we will be able to give you ONLINE DEMO / SUPPORT. You can disconnect the connection at any time by clicking on Disconnect button available on above Clients Panel.


  • Very easy to use at Client's site. No installation, just run as an exe file.
  • Very small size (just 1.51MB)
  • No need to ask/enter ID / Password etc to connect client PC.
  • Client will select Agent name to get support / demo.
  • Connect to multiple agents simultaneously on LAN/Internet.
  • File transfer, Keyboard / Mouse enable/ disable options for clients to keep their privacy.
  • Data encryption using 128bit RC4 encryption