Excel to Tally - Import Bank Statements from excel

Excel to Tally : How to Activate Global List of Ledger Accounts for company opened in Tally?

Do entries in Excel using Global Ledger List

You can use “List of Ledger Accounts” of Tally7.2 / Tally9 / Tally.ERP9 globally anywhere across the softwares, like MS Excel, MS Word etc. Just press ~ (Tilde) key & list will appear for selection. And you can select ledger name from the list very efficiently to avoid spelling mistakes & speedup your work. Just follow steps given as:

Excel to Tally - Global Ledger List for Tally

1. Open your desired application like MS Word or MS Excel
2. Press ~ key on keyboard for List of Accounts
3. Select desired ledger & press enter.

Excel to Tally - Global Ledger List for Tally

* You may copy this list to memory by clicking "Copy" button on list and paste to excel.

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