Excel to Tally Software : Frequently asked questions...

What can I do with standard version (without add-ons) of EazyAUTO4 ?...

Excel-to-Tally Features:

  • Excel to Tally Inventory Data Entries Posting (Sales with Inventory, Purchase With Inventory, Debit Note With Inventory, Credit Note With Inventory, Journal Mode Entry With Inventory)
  • Excel to Tally Ledger Creation
  • Excel to Tally inventory Item Master Creation
  • Excel to Tally Multilevel Price List Creation
  • Excel to Tally Multiple Modes Entries Posting
  • Excel to Tally Sub-Group Creation
  • Excel to Tally Day Book Entries Posting in vertical Format with Multiple Ledgers
  • Post Voucher Entries In Tally Via Excel in Specific Ledger which is Created under Sub-Group
  • Automatic Ledger Creation while Booking Entries Excel to Tally

Unique Features:

Advanced Features:

  • Copy Ledgers with non-zero closing balances to new company
  • Automatic updates check
  • Password protection for login
  • "T" Shape Cash Book printing option

EazyAUTO4 : Excel to Tally data posting.

Book your voucher entries, ledger accounts, price lists etc. in minimal efforts. Just copy and paste or MAP your data to our standard templates and that’s all. Post entries in Daybook format or in Register format there are no limitations. This utility helps user to import data from Excel to tally in various format. You can say it is Excel to Tally converter utility which eliminates your repetitive work and posts financial data to Tally more effectively and easily. There is also an option to Export data from Tally to Excel. We provide standard Excel Templates to import data from Excel to Tally.

Various types of excel sheets (but not limited ) are successfully Imported into Tally via EazyAUTO4 using our standard templates. Here are some example sheets for reference.

Sr. Example Sheet Applicable EazyAUTO4 Template Download Sample Sheet
1 Bank and Cash Receipts Entriesreg.xls Download
2 Gold Sales Entriesreg.xls Download
3 Hospital-Patients Receipts Entriesreg.xls Download
4 Labour Payment Entriesreg.xls Download
5 Gold Sales 2 Entriesreg.xls Download
6 Multiple Mode Vouchers MultiModes.xls Download
7 Pharma Purchase Entriesreg.xls Download
8 Simple Purchase Register Entriesreg.xls Download
9 Simple Purchase Register 2 Entriesreg.xls Download
10 Lotto Sales Entriesreg.xls Download
11 Sales Items wise Sales Entriesreg.xls Download

  • Whether product can be installed and activated on Cloud Server?
    • Yes, You can install product on Cloud system / server BUT ACTIVATION REQUIRED EACH TIME!
  • Whether net connection is compulsory to run the product on desktop?
    • No, after activation there is no need to stay connected to the internet.
  • I don’t have Internet connection, how can I activate the product on desktop?
    • You can use “Offline Activation” method for activation.
  • Can I use dual operating system on same PC?
    • Yes, and you can use the product on both operating systems at same time.
  • Can I install product on external drive?
    • Yes, but product will demo if you connect that drive to another PC.
    • You have to just activate again on that PC where it was activate.
    • This will not decrease surrender count limit.
  • Can I install the product on THIN client?
    • Yes, but if want to use on multiple clients at same time then you have to purchase multi-user version.
  • Can I install on Windows 64 bit version?
    • Yes
  • Can I install within Vertual Machine?
    • No, however product can be installed within VM but can not be activated.
  • System Requirements?
    • OS : Microsoft Windows XP & above (32 & 64 bit)
    • Excel : Microsoft Office 2003 & above
    • Space : 30MB
    • RAM  : 512MB
  • Does Administrative rights required for regular use?
    • No (optional), but while installing it is required.
    • Separate exe will be provided on request.

  • Should I surrender license while formatting the PC?
    • No, there is no need to surrender the license while formatting the PC.
    • After formatting just install the product & activate using license key provided.
    • That means you can format PC for unlimited times
  • What is the surrender counts limit?
    • You may transfer your license to another machine for 10 times.
  • Is there any duration limit to use surrender limit?
    • Practically No, There is no limit. You may surrender license 10 times in months or years
  • What if surrender limit exceeded?
    • If surrender limit exceeds then product will run only where it was active.
    • If you want to change / upgrade that PC then you have to buy additional 10 counts by paying 100% product cost of that time.
  • How many times I can format the PC?
    • You can format PC for unlimited times
  • What if I could not surrender license due to hard disk crashed & it is not-repairable?
    • Install product on new PC.
    • Reset the license using “Reset License” button in “Activate License” (Internet & license key required). This will decrease surrender count limit.
    • And just activate the license.
  • What if windows crashed?
    • After formatting just install the product & activate using license key provided.
  • What if I want to sell my PC?
    • Surrender your license before sell and activate on new PC. This will decrease surrender count limit.
  • What if I want to upgrade my PC?
    • Licensing is based on hard disk. Hence you may upgrade other hardware parts without surrendering the license.
    • If you want to change your hard drive then surrender your license before changing and activate later on. This will decrease surrender count limit.
  • I am using XP & now I want to install Windows 7, does my surrender count will reduced?
    • You may install new windows operation system on PC.
    • There is no need to surrender.
    • Just install the product on new operating system & activate again.
  • If I bought Multi user, then it can be installed on multiple locations?
    • No, multiuser license can be installed & used in LAN environment only.
  • Can I convert license from single user to multi-user after purchase?
    • Yes, you may convert at any time by paying cost difference.
  • How many users can work at a time in multiuser version?
    • 25 users

  • I am using Tally Multi-user then which version of product I have to buy?
    • There is no relation, you may use EA4’s single user version with Tally’s multiuser version.
  • Does product can be used with pirated version of Tally?
    • Yes, but we recommend to use official version of Tally.
  • Can I work with product while other users using same company in Tally in LAN?
    • Yes
  • Can I use Tally data from LAN or remote location?
    • Yes, but it is recommended to use data in local level for better performance.
  • Can I alter data in Tally posted thru EA4?
    • Yes, you can work in Tally as usual after posting data.
  • What if I came to know that I have wrong data posted?
    • You can undo booked entries immediately.
  • Does data can be overwritten for same vouchers while repeat booking?
    • Yes, but for this you have to maintain unique entry code option while booking.
  • Is it required to take back-up of Tally Data?
    • No, but it is recommended to keep back-up to avoid accidental data booking.
  • Will my existing Tally Data get damaged / currupted?
    • No, EA4 is just post data into Tally. it is recommended to keep back-up to avoid accidental data booking or overwritting existing data.
  • Is it required to take permission from Tally to use your product with Tally?
    • No, Tally itself offers integration opportunities for 3rd party products.
  • Will EazyAUTO4 work on fourth coming Tally Versions/Releases?
    • Yes, BUT if Tally having problem in ODBC connectivity in release then you have to degrade your Tally version or wait for new release of Tally.
  • Will it Generate Computation Report / Statutory Report?
    • Yes, It will Generate only "VAT Computation" Reports, Other reports can be generated thru customization on chargeable basis
  • What is Speed of Posting Entries?
    • It is depend upon following points:
      • Volume of Excel Data
      • Existing Data in Tally (Ledgers, Stock Items, Vouchers etc.)
      • Data Location (Use in LAN)
      • Tally Version(s)
      • Antivirus
      • System Configuration/Hardware.
  • What if I have customized Tally using TDL/TCP?
    • EA4 will post data but your customized fields / columns wont be updated.
  • Can I use special characters like { ' & " < > } etc.?
    • Yes, EA4 supports special characters while booking.

  • I don’t have internet banking how can I make payment?
    • You may directly deposit cheque in our bank at your local area branch.
  • Shall I get product CD after purchasing the product?
    • You may request for CD. But there is no need to kept CD. You can download product at any time from website. If you chose “Optional” AMC then you must keep a copy of product. License will not work on updated version after one year.
  • Shall I get invoice after purchasing the product?
    • Yes, you will get Invoice by email.

  • Can I get refund after buying the product?
    • Yes, You can get 100% refund within 30 days without any reason. with following condition:
      • Issued license key must not be activated!
  • What if , anybody else activated my license key without my permission?
    • No, You will not get refund. It is your responsibilty to keep secure license key provided.
  • Can I purchase product in future after getting refund?
    • Yes, You can again purchase the product in future.
  • How can you say that you are providing 100% refund guarantee?
    • We already provide demo version for unlimited time. In that demo version you can test almost all features & functions up to your satisfaction. Only limitation is that while posting entries in Tally, amount will get changed randomly and actual amount will be mentioned in narration for reference. On your request we can also arrange to book some entries (up to 50 entries appx.) with actual amount. That means you are 100% satisfied in demo version hence there is no need to issue refund after activating the license key.

  • What is the payment term?
    • 100% advance
  • When I will get license key?
    • License key will be issued after confirmation of payment is credited to our account. Usually you will get key within 60 minutes after successful payment, if purchased online thru our website.
    • If payment is made by cheque, then license key will be issued after clearing of cheque.